3 months old already

Oh my! I can not even believe that the babies are already 3 months old. Last weekend I got to go and hang out with the family and get in some great snuggle time with the babies. They are getting so big. I still can’t even believe that all of that sweetness came out of me. I never would have imagined when I started this journey that I would be snuggling 3 little handsome boys at one time. FullSizeRenderI have no idea how their mommy and daddy are doing it. I only feed them 1 at a time and held all 3 for a short period. I can’t even imagine their day to day lives. I know, from talking to the mom, that they are pretty exhausted but overjoyed at the same time. Baby A is still the smallest and is so laid back. Baby B who was bullied so badly in utero, has now become the biggest and is so full of life. Baby C… well I’m so glad that his head turned out ok and I didn’t give him a flat head from pushing him out of my rib cage. His smile and laugh is so intoxicating. I love these little guys so much and I am looking forward to watching these little men grow. I loved being a surrogate!

I have recovered very well and I’m back to enjoying life in my normal body. I have started kickboxing with my husband & 4 kids. It’s so much fun to do it as a family. We are getting into shape and spending time together. It’s pretty awesome. Homeschooling is back on track and we’re trucking along. We are all looking forward to warmer weather. We can’t wait to get back outside again. We are also planning our next adventure as a family. We are planning a trip to Guatemala to work with HIV/Aids orphans. Our whole family will be going with a group from our church. 


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