3 months old already

Oh my! I can not even believe that the babies are already 3 months old. Last weekend I got to go and hang out with the family and get in some great snuggle time with the babies. They are getting so big. I still can’t even believe that all of that sweetness came out of me. I never would have imagined when I started this journey that I would be snuggling 3 little handsome boys at one time. FullSizeRenderI have no idea how their mommy and daddy are doing it. I only feed them 1 at a time and held all 3 for a short period. I can’t even imagine their day to day lives. I know, from talking to the mom, that they are pretty exhausted but overjoyed at the same time. Baby A is still the smallest and is so laid back. Baby B who was bullied so badly in utero, has now become the biggest and is so full of life. Baby C… well I’m so glad that his head turned out ok and I didn’t give him a flat head from pushing him out of my rib cage. His smile and laugh is so intoxicating. I love these little guys so much and I am looking forward to watching these little men grow. I loved being a surrogate!

I have recovered very well and I’m back to enjoying life in my normal body. I have started kickboxing with my husband & 4 kids. It’s so much fun to do it as a family. We are getting into shape and spending time together. It’s pretty awesome. Homeschooling is back on track and we’re trucking along. We are all looking forward to warmer weather. We can’t wait to get back outside again. We are also planning our next adventure as a family. We are planning a trip to Guatemala to work with HIV/Aids orphans. Our whole family will be going with a group from our church. 


I’m home

There is just something about being home. Getting home from the hospital is no exception. Since my recovery was going so well at the hospital they let me come home on Wednesday instead of Thursday. I could not wait to get home and get into my own bed. Little did I know that I wouldn’t really be able to climb into my bed and get comfy.

Every time I tried to gt comfortable in the bed, it was useless. My incision hurt in every position. That first night home, I had to finally break down and take a stronger pain medicine. It definitely helped and eased the pain for me to sleep. My wonderful husband had brought our recliner into our room and I slept the first two night in that. Even though I wasn’t the greatest sleep, it didn’t hurt.

I continued to pump every 2-3 hours throughout the day and night to no avail. The lactation consultants had told me that it may take a little while for my milk to come in due to several factors, having a c-section, only pumping without having the baby there, the babies being pre-term and that my body hasn’t made milk in about 6 years. Finally on Thursday afternoon, my milk started to slowly but surely come in. Even though, I’m only getting a little right now, I’m hopeful that I’ll be getting a ton soon.

My hubby and I went to visit with the babies on Friday and took them the little bit of milk that I had collected. They are still in step down nursery and overall doing well. They had to put 2 of them on a feeding tube to help assist with their eating. They are all eating but 2 of them are slower than the staff would like them to be. Each day they are eating more and more and getting stronger. The IP’s are so amazing and have been there by their side for kangaroo care, feedings, diaper duty and so much more. I know that it has to be so much on them but they are so excited to have all their boys with them. Please continue to pray for this special family. We don’t have an idea of a come home date but I know we are all looking forward to that day coming.

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My IP's gave me this wonderful necklace locket to remember my 3 little hummingbirds

My IP’s gave me this wonderful necklace locket to remember my 3 little hummingbirds

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The boys are here!

I can’t believe that 35 weeks has gone by so fast. We arrived at the hospital at 6am yesterday ready to get started.

After some paper work, blood work & lots of questions, it was time to get started. The staff explained that there wouldn’t be enough room in the operating room for both my husband & the IM. We had to make a decision. We all agreed that the IM would come in for the births & my hubby would come in while they tied my tubes & stitched me up.

It felt so surreal laying on the table looking at all the lights, equipment & people. There were over 20 people squished into this little room. I leaned over the table to get my spinal & laid back, praying that things would go smoothly. The IM looked over at me & asked if I was ok. I assured her that was & begin to listen to the team calling out instructions. They explained everything that they we’re doing. It surprised me at the way it felt. I didn’t feel any pain. It was like someone was pushing my belly around, rolling it from side to side. My blood pressure started to drop slightly & I was feeling a little nausea. They quickly put some meds into my line & I was much better.

Next thing I knew, they pulled out baby A & held him in the air for us to see. Within 2 minutes babies B & C followed. They were all born within a minute of each other. They pulled them out & each baby was given over to a team of nurses. My IM looked over at me with tears in her eyes & said, “Thank you so much.” I, of course, starting crying, too. This journey of carrying triplets was so worth it in that very moment.

As she attended to the babies, my wonderful, inquisitive husband came in. There was no way he was going to sit down & not look over the drape. He stood wide-eyed & full of questions. I do believe he got to see all of my lower inside body parts. “Babe, I love you even more, now that I’ve seen your bladder, fallopian tubes & ovaries.” Yep, that’s my hubby & I love him for it! He keeps things so interesting in our house. I truly couldn’t have gotten through this journey without him.

The babies are doing so great!

Baby A weighed 4 lbs 10 oz. He had an Apgar Score of 8/9. They kept him in an incubator to regulate his body temperature. The IP’s got to feed him today & love on him.

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Baby B weighed 4 lbs 11 oz. He had a apgar score of 8/9. They kept him in an incubator to regulate his body temperature. He also had to have some oxygen to help him out a little. That has all been removed & he’s doing well. The IP’s got to feed him today & love on him.

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Baby C weighed 5 lbs 5 oz. He had a apgar score of 8/9. They kept him in an incubator to regulate his body temperature. The IP’s got to feed him today & love on him.

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I’m doing so much better than I thought that I would. I was really nervous about the c-section recovery & how I would feel about the babies after they were born. I can honestly say that my pain level has been no higher than a 2 since being in the hospital. I have been up & walking around since about 8 hours after surgery. The bleeding seems much less than when I had my vaginal births. I know that when I go home tomorrow that my pain level may change some. I’m just going to try & take it easy. My connection to the babies was what I had planned for all along. I went into this journey with the mindset that these weren’t my babies & I was just babysitting them. It really is awesome to look at the family you helped create & not want to interfere with it. I got to go see the babies, change them & rock them like a friend would do. Then I got to go back to my room & I’m really ok with that.


So many emotions

I am about 8 hours away from heading to the hospital to deliver triplets!


That statement is something I never, ever would have thought would be coming out of my mouth. I have so many emotions and questions running through my head right now. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, relieved and the list could go on and on.

I think back to when I was getting ready to deliver my first born 11 years ago. It was all so new to me and I had no idea of what to expect. Yes, I had taken classes, asked questions and read books, but did I really know what to expect? NO. You can’t really know until you go through it. I feel the same with this pregnancy. Even though I’ve had 4 great pregnancies, this surrogacy experience is still very new to me.

I know without a shadow of doubt that God led me to this wonderful family and had great plans for us. Even though triplets scared us all, at first, God knew what he was doing. He knew that my body could handle it and I would make it 35 weeks like the doctors wanted. Sometimes, I had my doubts that I was going to make it, but sure enough, He knew. I am so excited that he allowed me to give this gift of adding these babies to this family. So even with all the nervousness that I’m feeling about getting a c-section, I know that He has it handled already. I’m relying on Him for the strength I need to get through and to help with the questions that I have.

  • What’s the C-Section and recovery going to be like?
  • Are the babies really going to be as big as the doctors think?
  • Will they be healthy and not have to NICU?
  • What am I suppose to do with all the time in hospital with no kids to take care of?
  • What’s it going to be like leaving the hospital without a baby?
  • Is my milk going to come in and make enough for me to pump for 3 babies?
  • Am I going to have to tuck my belly into my pant legs, because of all the extra skin?

The list of questions could go on forever but I’m going to stop there and head to bed to get some rest for the big day tomorrow. I’ll post soon letting everyone know all about these handsome little guys.

A few hours away from being 35 weeks

A few hours away from being 35 weeks



34 Weeks

I’m almost there! 4 more days until these handsome little men come out and get to greet their mommy & daddy. This last week has been going by a little slower than I had thought it would. Everything seems to be getting harder and harder. I had to get my daughter to tie my shoes the other day because I can’t hold my breath long enough to do it. Baby B & C are tap dancing on my ribs and making them hurt. Lets not forget the 6 times a night that I get up to go pee.

It’s no surprise that I have started snoring with this pregnancy (I mentioned it in an earlier post). When it first started, my husband and kids would point it out to me pretty regularly. Well, I haven’t heard anything about it recently, so I thought it had gotten better. That false reality came to an end today when I woke up from a nap on the couch to my husband holding out his cell phone so my brother-in-law could hear me. “I thought it wasn’t as bad anymore,” I said honestly, but completely incorrectly. My dear hubby laughed and explained that he had just gotten used to it. He pulled out his phone and shared with me an audio clip that he had took of me about a week ago.

OH MY GOSH! I sound like a train. I have no idea how he hasn’t been sleeping on the couch every night (“It wouldn’t matter if I was on the couch, the kids complain it about it from UPSTAIRS!” – Erik). If I had to listen to that every night, I would lose my mind. I guess that’s what 3 babies pushing on all your innards will do to you. I surely hope that this goes away after birth for my husbands sake.

We had our last doctor. appointment on Tuesday. Unfortunately, our regular doctor wasn’t there. We met a doctor that we hadn’t seen before and I can honestly say that I’m ok with not seeing her again. She was nice and answered our questions but wasn’t the friendliest of doctors. We also found out that our regular doctor that we’ve seen for every appointment will not be the one doing my c-section. I guess I just assumed that since she’s the one we’ve seen this whole time and she’s the one who picked the day that she would be doing it. NOPE! Her partner, who we’ve never met will be handling it. At this point, I’m just ready to hand over these babies that I don’t care who takes them out. However, I was a little upset. This is my first c-section and I had been talking to our doctor about it for months and I was comfortable with her. Our doctor had said that as long it wasn’t an emergency then she would make an exception and allow 2 people in the delivery room with me, my husband and the IM. I’m just praying that everything still goes as planned.

I go in tomorrow for my last non-stress test and then on Saturday to do some pre surgery blood work. I’ve got my bag packed and I’m ready to go the hospital at 6am Monday morning. As it looks now, these babies will be making their grand entrance into the world at 35 weeks on Monday, Nov. 17 at 8:30am.

34 Weeks

34 Weeks


Our last ultrasound

Friday was our last scheduled ultrasound. I feel like I’ve become somewhat of an ultrasound pro over the last 33 weeks. I have had what feels like thousands of ultrasounds, and I can look at them and tell what is what, for the most part. However, this past Friday was a different story all together. I might as well have been looking at the babies through my skin. The screen just showed blob after blob after blob. I would ask, “Is that his chest rising?” “Nope, that a leg,” was the response. Everything I asked about was wrong. How could they go from such cute little babies to blobs?


My growing belly has gone from a cute little belly to now looking like I may explode at any minute. I feel like I’m getting bigger by the minute. The babies are doing amazing and growing really well. The ultrasound tech said their fluids looked great and again they are big for triplets. She had a really hard time measuring them because, like I mentioned, they’re pretty stacked in there. The tech’s measurements were baby A weighing 4 lbs 12 oz, baby B at 5 lbs 1 oz, and baby C at 4 lbs 15 oz. I think that babies A & B weigh more and we just couldn’t see them very well. I feel like they weigh about 9 lbs each right now!

End of 33 weeks

End of 33 weeks

I’ve had such a great pregnancy so far, but I can tell that I’m nearing the end now. This past week I’ve slowed down a lot. I’ve spent much more time on the couch and doing very little. The skin at the top of belly has begun to burn and hurt to the touch. The ultrasound sound tech told me that my skin has stretched so far and so fast that the skin is starting to tear apart. The next issue is the edema forming in my lower abdomen. I go to the doctor again on Tuesday, so I’ll talk to her about that. Good news is that they swelling in my feet as gotten much better over the last week. I guess taking it easy as helped on that issue. Everyday task like bending over, getting up off the couch, and just breathing are proving to be more difficult.

My sausage feet at the end of 32 weeks

My sausage feet at the end of 32 weeks

I am now on the countdown, only a week left! I’m getting very excited to deliver these little guys to their mom and dad.

My IM knows the way to my heart

My IM knows the way to my heart



An eventful morning

I guess it really started yesterday.

I noticed yesterday that my left foot was starting to swell a little. I took that as a sign to take it easy and put my feet up. Little did I know that the puffiness would be the least of my problems.

I was craving a burger so my wonderful hubby went and picked me up one. It tasted so delicious until I immediately started throwing it up. As I mentioned earlier, I am running out of room so my food is starting to come back up. I later took some Tums and went to bed. I was awakened pretty quickly with more throwing up. The throwing up started some contractions. This turned into a vicious cycle during the night. To say the least, I got very little sleep last night.


I called the dr. on call this morning about 6:30am. He told me to head on in the labor and delivery so they could check me out. They hooked me up to the monitors and said the babies were moving great and that I was having contractions about every 2-3 minutes. Good news was that I wasn’t feeling most of the contractions. They checked my cervix and I was dilated to 1 cm. She didn’t seem concerned about this. They ran some test and said I was dehydrated. So I received 2 bags of fluid and just waited. Since my blood pressure was slightly elevated when I got there they checked me for signs of preeclampsia. All test came back negative, great news! They checked my cervix again and I was still at 1 cm with no change. She said the contractions were still there but not doing anything, so I would be able to go home and rest. They went ahead and gave me a steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs before I left. I’ll go back tomorrow and get 1 more.

I came home and took a great nap. After I woke up, I was feeling much more like my usual self. I guess those fluids did their job. Now, I just need to take it easy and try to cook these little ones a couple more weeks. Here’s to hoping that I can still make it to my c-section date of Nov. 17th.